OriginTrail - What is it?

OriginTrail is a company based in Slovenia with branches in Serbia and Hongkong.

They built a protocol for trusted supply chain sharing, utilising GS1 standards (on Wikipedia) and supported by blockchain technologies. But Vision and Roadmap go far beyond that.

OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN)

The protocol is based on a peer-to-peer, decentralised network of nodes with following goals:

  • Defragmentation and high Interoperability of Supply Chain Data
  • Data Decentralisation
  • Sensitive Data Protection

There are basically four different roles of network members or entities:

  • Data Provider (DP) - Companies (data sources may be their ERP system, sensors and other IoT devices) interested to safely store supply chain data about their products.
  • Data Creator Node (DC) - This node is the entry point for data which Data Providers want to put on the network. DPs probably run their own node(s) but they don't have to.
  • Data Holder Node (DH) - This type of node has committed itself to store data provided by a DC node for a requested period of time and make it available for interested parties (Data Viewers).
  • Data Viewer (DV) - Entity which requests a specific set of supply chain data.

DC and DH nodes run the same software, and a node can have both roles at the same time.

Data Flow

The protocol ensures data integrity, and litigation mechanisms penalize Data Holders if data is not held accordingly.

Trace Token (TRAC)

The OriginTrail Network uses the Trace Token (ERC20 Standard on Ethereum with trade symbol TRAC) as unit of exchange (Utility Token) which means participants pay and get paid in TRAC token.

Further Information

Check Network Structure of the OT technical documentation to get a deeper understanding.

The following pages will describe how to setup and run a Data Holder Node (DH) on OT Mainnet.