OT Node Update to Version 2.0.50+

You have to do three steps to upgrade your OT Node from older versions to version 2.0.50 (or higher)

Do it as soon as possible

With the release of this update OT also changed many smart contract addresses (like for payouts). Therefore your node has to be updated as soon as possible because OT Node software prior 2.0.50 is not able to perform automatic payouts any longer.

1. RPC Server for Ethereum Blockchain

With the introduction of version 2.0.50 for Vostok Mainnet it's necessary that every node operator uses their own setup to communicate (via RPC Server) with the Ethereum Mainnet Blockchain. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Run your own Ethereum Node
  2. Use a service provider (like Infura which is free and has already been used for OT Node)

For most node operators option 2 is the only reasonable way to go. Infura is part of Consensys and one of the main Ethereum service providers.

Register on Infura.io and create a new project on their Dashboard.

Make sure you select MAINNET as ENDPOINT. Save this URL, it will be used for all your OT Nodes as "rpc_server_url" in the node configuration file.

Security Settings

If you're not sure, don't activate any security settings for this project.

2. Add URL to Node Configuration file

Edit the OT Node configuration file:

nano /root/.origintrail_noderc
    "node_wallet": "Operational Wallet Address",
    "node_private_key": "Operational Wallet Private Key",
    "management_wallet": "Management Wallet Address",
    "blockchain": {
        "gas_price": "20000000000",
        "rpc_server_url": "https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/yourProjectID"
    "network": {
        "hostname": "Your.Server.IP.Address",
        "remoteWhitelist": ""

Gas Price and File Syntax

As already described during setup, it's up to you to add/change the gas_price in your configuration file. If you keep it in the file make sure to add a comma "," at the end of the line, otherwise the file syntax is wrong.

If you already used gas_price in your config file just add the yellow highlighted line to the file, of course with your specific URL.

If the "blockchain" line doesn't exist yet in your file and you don't want to add the gas_price, insert the following after the "management_wallet" line

    "blockchain": {
        "rpc_server_url": "https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/yourProjectID"

adjust it accordingly and be sure that the RPC Server URL starts with https://. Save the file by Ctrl-O Enter and exit nano by Ctrl-X

Check the file content and syntax:

jq "." /root/.origintrail_noderc
If you get an error then the syntax of your config file is wrong. Check the brackets, double quotes and commas.

3. Restart your OT Node

If the answer from the last command looks good, then just restart your OT Node by

docker restart otnode

Check the log by

docker logs -f otnode

You will see that this time the start of the node looks different. It says Your version is outdated and it's downloading a new version. Give this whole process some time, after about five minutes your node should be updated and now run on version 2.0.50 (or higher).

Exit this log view by pressing Ctrl-C.

You can check the running version with the command described here.

To verify that the new added RPC Server URL works properly, use this command. If you get the right balance, your update is done!