OT Management Profile Interface

On https://node-profile.origintrail.io you are able to do the following tasks:

  • Deposit TRAC to your Profile
  • Withdraw TRAC from your Profile
  • Add/Remove wallets (Management & Operational)
  • Deposit ETH to your Operational Wallet

This page only works in conjunction with Metamask which is an add-on available for different web browser on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Currently Metamask should run smoothly on Chrome and Brave (Referral Link), so to avoid issues choose one of them.

Hardware Wallet is the way to go.

Metamask can connect to Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets, use one of those for your Management Wallet.

Make sure you activated Privacy Mode in Metamask Settings.

On Android and iOS mobile devices the site only shows the balance of profile and wallets.


To access the site you need following information (which your node was installed with):

  • ERC725 Identity
  • Operational Wallet Address
  • Management Wallet Address

There's a command for your OT Node to see All Addresses at a Glance

OT Node Profile Interface

Make sure all three values match. If you selected the wrong wallet on Metamask as Management Wallet Address you will see an error message like this (unfortunately it disappears after a few seconds - so be aware).

OT Node WrongMgmtWallet

Node Profile

The TOTAL amount of TRAC is the sum of all token in this profile. This includes

  • 1000 TRAC MIN. STAKE (transferred during setup)
  • plus deposited TRAC minus withdrawn TRAC (via this site)
  • all earned TRAC
  • TRAC which are currently LOCKED for running jobs

The information SAFE TO WITHDRAW is misleading since in this case there were only 1000 TRAC left but no TRAC to bid for new offers. I recommend to have a TOTAL STAKE of 1500 TRAC at least.

Transactions in General

Some of the functions on this site are two consecutive transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, therefore you have to confirm twice. If you use a hardware wallet then these confirmations have to be done on the device. Keep an eye on it and make sure it won't get locked while you're waiting.

If you adjust gas price by yourself, choose a decent amount of gwei to make sure the transaction will most probably processed within a few minutes.

Be patient and don't close the browser window!

Depending on used gas price each transaction may take several minutes or even won't finish in time. This can lead to aborted transactions and fees you paid for nothing.

Deposit TRAC to your Profile

After you setup your node this is the task you need to do to enable your node to bid for any offer. Add at least 500 TRAC to your profile for the recommended 1500 TRAC TOTAL.

Withdraw TRAC from your Profile

After earning a lot of TRAC you can withdraw some to your Management Wallet. But again, leave enough in the profile to be able to bid for offers. Withdrawing TRAC token is a two-step process on the blockchain, which is started with the button Tokens Withdrawal. Bear in mind that you have to confirm two separate transactions.

The button Withdraw Tokens is only to (re)start the second transaction of this process - in case it failed in the first place.

Add/Remove wallets (Management & Operational)

This is the function you need to call if you want to change Operational and/or Management Wallet associated to this ERC725 identity.

You have to change Config File too

In order to work properly you also need to set this new wallet address in the config file .origintrail_noderc on your node.

Deposit ETH to your Operational Wallet

To transfer ETH from your Management Wallet to your Operational Wallet you can call this function but this can also be done in the way you usually transfer ETH.