OT Manual Payout

Following procedures work only with ERC725 identities created on or after 18 December 2018. In case your old ERC725 ID is affected, get in contact with OT (tech@origin-trail.com).

After your node completed a job successfully (it accordingly held data for the agreed amount of minutes) OT Node usually performs the payout for itself. This is done on the Operational Wallet (OW) your node is assigned to. Therefore the private key for the OW is needed in the OT Node config file to initiate this transaction.

If this OW doesn't have enough ETH to perform the automatic payout, or there are other issues with your node, then it can be necessary to do this payout manually to "release" your own reserved TRAC and get the pay for the job. Another reason can be that you intentionally disabled automatic payouts.

Before you do the manual payout, solve possible problems which prevented the node to perform the payout.

Manual Payout on your Server

After the issues were solved, you can try to do the manual payout on your server via this command

docker exec otnode curl -s -X GET ''

where you need to replace 0x... by the actual Offer ID (which you find on OT Hub with your node). Make sure the command ends with a single quote right after the last character of the Offer ID before you press Enter.

  "message": "Payout for offer 0x... called. It should be completed shortly."
  "message": "Offer not found"

The following will show up in the log of your node:

2019-04-14T14:56:39.015Z - api - GET: Payout request received.
2019-04-14T14:56:39.018Z - info - Payout called for offer 0x....
2019-04-14T14:56:39.015Z - api - GET: Payout request received.
2019-04-14T14:56:39.018Z - info - Payout called for offer 0x....
2019-04-14T14:56:39.065Z - error - There is no offer for ID 0x...

In case of success you can see the payout transaction on Etherscan by searching for your Operational Wallet (OW).

Payout via MyEtherWallet

If the Payout on your Server didn't work ("Offer not found") you need following additional data to do the payout via MyEtherWallet (MEW):

  • Operational Wallet Address (OW) of the node
  • ERC725 Identity of the node

Currently this procedure is only possible with the old/vintage user interface of MEW since the new one currently doesn't accept the format of the OfferId.

After you started MyEtherWallet.com (and confirmed all messages if you never used this specific page before) you get this:


  1. Gas Price: something between 5 and 20 Gwei (check current gas price e.g. Etherscan.io)

  2. Contract Address: 0x52e0e21a45d0140b73929439b87652f50001c24c

  3. Copy/paste following text (which is part of holding.json) to ABI / JSON Interface:

    "constant": false,
    "inputs": [
            "name": "identity",
            "type": "address"
            "name": "offerId",
            "type": "uint256"
    "name": "payOut",
    "outputs": [],
    "payable": false,
    "stateMutability": "nonpayable",
    "type": "function"

After you clicked on Access the page expands to:


Select the function payOut and the page expands further.

Put your ERC725 Identity and OfferID into the corresponding fields.

Before you select Metamask as Wallet, make sure you selected the Operational Wallet in Metamask.


After you connected to Metamask, click WRITE


leave the Amount to Send as 0, set Gas Limit to 300000, click Generate Transaction and confirm Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.

As final step check and confirm the Metamask window to finally send the transaction.


You can follow the progress of this transaction by checking your Operational Wallet or the Contract address on Etherscan.io.

Payout via OT Hub

OT Hub introduced a different way to perform a manual payout. Instead of using the Operational Wallet (like the previous two options), OT Hub performs the payout via Management Wallet associated to the node. Since the Management Wallet has to be connected to Metamask (same as with the Profile Management Interface), you need to start OT Hub on Chrome or Brave Browser.


If OT Hub found an offer one of "My Nodes" was selected for and was already completed but not paid out, you will see an additional "Payout" link.

As with all other payout options your amount of TRAC locked to this specific offer will be released again and TRAC token (as your pay) will be moved to the node profile.

The main advantage to use the Management Wallet via Metamask is your control over the gas price you want to pay for each specific transaction. It is recommended to use a moderate gas price since fast transaction processing is not necessary.

Disable Automatic Payouts

Since OT Node version 2.0.55 it's possible to disable automatic payouts. Details can be found in this OriginTrail Knowledge Base article. The main reason to disable automatic payouts is to have better control over the Ethereum fees and the wallet you want to perform the transaction with via one of the procedures described above.