OriginTrail related Links

This compilation is focussed on the technical aspects of OriginTrail Network and their OT Node.

OriginTrail maintained Sources Comments
OriginTrail Homepage
OT Trace Labs Base for nOS Core Developers
OT Vision Paper Vision and Roadmap 2019-2020
OT Network Explorer Search tool for data on OT Network
Official OT Node Documentation Go there if you want to dive deep
OT Node Source Code on Github
OT Node Setting up on Mainnet Some basics
OT Node Knowledge Base Support articles - rarely maintained
Application for Vostok You need to apply to run a node on Vostok Mainnet
Profile Management Interface Needed to transfer TRAC to/from Profile
Trace Alliance Supply Chain Association
OriginTrail Discord Server Discord Invite Link, you have to be server member to apply for Vostok
E-Mail OT Tech Support E-Mail, if you want to get in Contact with Tech Team
OriginTrail on Twitter - Reddit - Medium - Telegram
Sources maintained by Others Comments
OT Hub Comprehensive OT Network Overview and details to Nodes, Offers and Payouts. Maintained by Discord User bbnm#6997, supported by OriginTrail
Infura Dashboard Infura.io RPC Server for Ethereum
befranz.net This Site

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