OriginTrail History

List of Events regarding OriginTrail

Date Event
2019-10-07 OT Hub is back!
2019-08-27 bbnm announced that OT Hub is discontinued
2019-04-22 OT Hub got new features and a completely new look
2019-04-08 OT contributed to Supply Chain Whitepaper published by World Economic Forum
2019-03-26 First production data sighted on Mainnet from Perutnina Ptuj (Twitter)
2019-03-25 OriginTrail Vision Paper (Twitter)
2019-03-25 Launch of Trace Labs, Base for nOS Core Developers (Twitter)
2019-03-19 Version 3.0.0 Freedom is released for Testnet. It introduces litigation mechanisms and an upgrade to auto-update.
2019-03-14 Version 2.0.50 for Vostok Mainnet released
2019-03-07 TRAC listed on Bittrex International (Twitter)
2019-03-06 EU SmartAgriHubs Kickoff in Prague with OriginTrail as the only Blockchain partner (Twitter)
2019-02-25 This Site went live on befranz.netlify.com
2019-02-01 Opencall Top 10 Projects selected (Medium)
2019-01-23 BSI UK announced partnership with OT (Twitter)
2018-12-31 OT Hub went live
2018-12-18 Vostok Mainnet went live

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