Digital Ocean Droplet

Digital Ocean offers some interesting services on many different data center locations.

By signing up on Digital Ocean with this link you get one month for free.


The official requirement for an OT Node is 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM and 10 GB Storage. The droplet which meets this setup is $10 per month. If you're comfortable to create a swap file (of let's say 1 GB) you may probably use a droplet with 1 GB RAM for $5 per month.

A droplet running OT Node with just 1 GB RAM and no additional swap file may have problems.

Picture of Create Digital Ocean Droplet

  1. If you logged in on Digital Ocean you start creating your node by clicking the green „Create“ button and selecting „Droplets“.
  2. Select Marketplace
  3. and then Docker 18.x 
This will install Ubuntu 18.04 + Docker.
  4. As mentioned above choose the appropriate size.
  5. Choose a datacenter region. Currently there is no indication that the location of a node affects its performance.
  6. Select Monitoring to get charts of CPU, memory, disk and bandwidth usage as well as alerts you can create.
  7. Use SSH key to access your droplet. If you don’t know how this works I highly encourage you to start using it. Here you can find how to create an SSH (Secure Shell) key pair on Windows.
    Hint: you can create an SSH key pair also with the iOS and Android version of Termius SSH client (Keychain - Generate Key - Type ED25519)
  8. Give your Droplet a telling name.
  9. Just press create and in about a minute your droplet is created and you see the public IP address which you need to access your droplet and to create your OT Node.

If you came to the conclusion that you want to setup the droplet with different settings, destroying a droplet is even easier than creating one. And after Digital Ocean (DO) charges on an hourly basis, this cost you not more than a few cents. But keep in mind, every new droplet gets a new IP address.